eProInn s.r.l. (Energy and Propulsion Innovation) is an enterprise founded in 2014 by a group of researchers working at eProLab (Energy and Propulsion Laboratory) 

eProInn is born to foster the development and the industrialization of the system to convert traditional cars into hybrid solar vehicles. More generally, the scope includes those aspects of green-economy related to energy and propulsion.

The kit, already applied on a FIAT Punto, can be applied to all conventional front-wheel drive vehicles. The investment costs are much lower than those for the purchase of a factory hybrid vehicle.


More generally, the main interests of eProInn include those aspects of the green economy related to energy and propulsion. In these fields, the researchers of eProInn have developed a long experience, with numerous industrial collaborations and projects and a wide network of partnerships both in national and international context, within contracts, research projects, European projects and bilateral agreements.

eproinn 2
Locations for the presentation of research on hybrid solar vehicles

The European LIFE program, an instrument of the European community to support environmental protection initiatives, approved funding for the development of the SAVE (Solar Aided Vehicle Electrification) project. It is aimed at developing finished prototypes ready for industrialization (TRL = 9), and the establishment of a NewCo among the partners participating in the project.

eProInn is an official partner of the LIFE-SAVE project.

Website: https://www.eproinn.com/