Life-Save at the “Benessere Italia” Control Room of Palazzo Chigi

The representatives of the LIFE-SAVE project were invited – Friday 26 July 2019 – to present their project to the “Benessere Italia” Control Room at Palazzo Chigi, a technical-scientific support body for the Presidency of the Council, created with the aim of promote the attitude to Fair and Sustainable Wellbeing (BES) to all national and international stakeholders, not only within Public Administrations but also involving the business and research worlds. LIFE-SAVE (Solar Aided Vehicle Electrification, LIFE16 ENV / IT / 000442) is the idea currently funded by the European LIFE programme for the development and industrialization of the system, in order to convert cars into hybrid-solar vehicles, with much reduced costs compared to the purchase of a new hybrid or electric vehicle. The LIFE-SAVE project is divided into a partnership composed of consolidated companies (Landi Renzo, Mecaprom) and innovative start-ups (eProInn and Solbian).