The LIFE-SAVE project presented in Catania at the 1st Conference on Sustainable Mobility (CSM2019)

The CSM2019 conference, organized by the University of Rome “Niccolò Cusano”, The Ohio State University and the University of Rome Tor Vergata within the SAE Naples circuit, focuses on the issues of sustainable mobility


The CSM2019 session on alternative propulsion systems to internal combustion engines also saw the presentation of several European funded projects. In this, Francesco Antonio Tiano presented the LIFE-SAVE project as well as its most recent developments in terms of environmental sustainability.

This event started in 2014 as a small seminar at the University of Rome Niccolò Cusano, in Rome, Italy. Since then it has grown steadily and has become an international event. In recent editions, the event has managed to promote an intense interaction of stakeholders in the field of green mobility, bringing together academics, researchers and industry representatives.

CSM2019 Francesco Antonio Tiano
Francesco Antonio Tiano pitch

This year the CSM2019 aims to provide an even more fertile ground for profitable exchanges between professionals and researchers and a forum to show industry trends, key developments and future concepts.

The Conference will be followed by an Autumn School where the goals, obstacles and technologies towards more sustainable mobility will be discussed in detail.