The LIFE-SAVE project and the intellectual property of the patents

patents 1


The car conversion project in LIFE-SAVE solar hybrid vehicles is based on several patents, held by the project partners, and which cover all the important technical aspects:

  • the conversion system of a conventional car in solar hybrid and the related control techniques through the OBD port (“KIT FOR TRANSFORMING A CONVENTIONAL MOTOR VEHICLE INTO A SOLAR HYBRID VEHICLE, AND RELEVANT MOTORVEHICLE”,, WO/2011/125084).
  • the integration of an electric motor with the brake disc of a car (“ELECTRIC MOTOR WHEEL ASSEMBLY THREE TILTING WHEELS”, WO/2010/055534);
  • the manufacture of high performance flexible solar panels (“A FLEXIBLE PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL”, WO/2013/042081).

The patents held by the partners, and the others developed during the LIFE-SAVE project, will help to form the intellectual property assets of the NewCo being established within the project.