regis epic0 2

Regis Epic0 is the new full electric quadricycle for freight transport: “E” as electric, “pic” as small, and “0” as zero emissions


The official launch of Regis Epic0 was scheduled during Key Energy, the Energy and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition at the Ecomondo International Fair.

A world preview that saw the protagonists of the vehicle, the Regis family, which through the Mecaprom Group has for many years worked in the field of automotive engineering and in the construction of powertrain systems, with an ever-present look on sustainable mobility.

regis epic0Mecaprom, together with eProinn S.r.L., Solbian and LandiRenzo, is a partner of the LIFE-SAVE project for the development and industrialization of a system for converting conventional cars into hybrid-solar vehicles. Epic0 is a heavy quadricycle (L7e category) designed with a driveability and structural features as close as possible to those of a classic car: reinforced body and frame, performing braking system and various other precautions to improve handling and, above all, safety driving.

Epic0 has a compact size (just 3.7 meters long and 1.5 wide), 700 kg of capacity, a loading floor of 2.2 square meters and batteries of 11 or 14 kWh, with declared autonomies reaching respectively 105 or 130 km with a top speed of 90 km / h (there is also a limited version of 50 km / h that can reach 170 km of autonomy).

For the first year of launch, it is planned to assemble around 500 units, a number that will probably double up from 2020 when the Italian market is expected to expand into Europe.

In Italy, quadricycles will instead be seen from next spring, ready to be sold to the public in various dealerships. Launch price of around 19,000 euros. The after-sales assistance is entrusted to the expert hands of Bosch. On site there is also an even more compact version named Epic0 Compact: a ‘minor’ brother of just 3 meters in length that does not give up 400 kg of capacity.