SMAU welcomes LIFE-SAVE to “Italy Restartsup in Berlin” 2018

From 13 to 15 June, the LIFE-SAVE project was presented at the fourth edition of SMAU “Italy Restartsup in Berlin”, an event dedicated to innovation in Italy since 1964

The aim of the SMAU event in Berlin is to create a bridge between the ecosystem of Italian startups and the growing Tech Hub in Berlin. Investors, Startups, Institutions and Companies will also meet this year with an Italian delegation made up of a select group of top players from the sectors the most renowned Italian innovations such as Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, FinTech & InsurTech, Fashion & Design, Smart City and Life Science.

On 14 June Professor Rizzo, CEO of eProInn, was among the speakers of the “Smart City: the driver for development of territories and companies” workshop, together with a selected number of Italian start-ups. The concept of “Smart City” is one of the most interesting canons to look at in the analysis of the future of technological innovations. The presentation of the project idea on the conversion of conventional cars into hybrid-solar vehicles has attracted great interest to obtain an explicit endorsement by leading car companies such as Porsche and Mercedes.

In light of the increasingly complex socio-economic processes and changes, today’s cities, seen as very complex systems, will be able to respond to numerous challenges with innovative management tools that combine solutions from different sectors.

The focus of LIFE-SAVE focuses on one of the primary aspects of this context: smart and sustainable mobility seen as the cornerstone of the meeting between the needs of economy, energy renewal and less impact on the environment pursued by national and transnational governments and various benefits for the end user in terms of savings and better performance.

In total there will be eight start-up bells that will take part, this year, at the fourth edition of SMAU BERLIN 13-14-15 June 2018.
Besides eProInn there will be Hear Me Well, Hearth, Ptolemaic, Youbiquo, Eurokompra, s PLM DATA SRL, My Circle.