HySolarKit is an add-on that converts vehicles with an internal combustion engine into plug-in solar hybrid powered vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

hysolarkit cartoon


Here is how HySolarKit is composed: the flexible solar panels are produced by Solbian (excellence in the sector) and are mounted on the roof of the machine. They have the function of recharging the vehicle battery. The Hybrid-Electric Retrofit System (HERS) includes two electric motors in the rear axle wheels, solar panels, and an electronic interface to connect to the battery and vehicle control systems.


The aims of the project to its presentation are multiple:

  • allow the kit to convert cars into hybrid or electric vehicles
  • improve reproducibility through a growing knowledge of the market in specific countries
  • evaluate the regulatory constraints and the intention of consumers to purchase
  • conduct cost analysis for their downsizing
  • analysis of the transferability of patent licenses
  • technological research to elaborate extra-sectoral uses
  • produce four high-quality prototypes for demonstrations of performance and environmental impact in Europe and in particular on Malta