Zhongguancun Digital Forum

Beijing, 17 th -19 th September 2020

eProInn, partner of the LIFE-SAVE project, participated in the twelfth edition of the annual program of the Zhongguancun Digital Forum, one of the main international collaboration platforms on the topics of science, innovation and new technologies, promoted by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Ministry of Education, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing Municipality Government.

This program is dedicated to the cooperation and entrepreneurial development for research centers, companies and innovative startups. The activities were structured on four technological verticals: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing; Life Sciences, Health and Biotechnology; Energy Saving, Sustainability and Environmental Innovation; Intelligent Transport and ICT.

Overall, more than 2.000 companies were selected from Europe, North and South America, China and Africa. eProInn was classified, together with 7 other Italian companies, in the prestigious “Top 100 List”.

More info at the link: http://www.zgc-tattt.com/wcm/zgcforum/zgcforumEn/index.html


Award certificate: eProInn among the “100 Best Industrial Innovations for International Technology Transfer” in reference to the participation in the 2020 edition of the Zhongguancun Forum.