In Rispescia (GR), situated in the hills of the Maremma Park, has been held the 30th edition of Festambiente, the ecology festival organized every year in August by Legambiente


festambiente matteo marinoAmong the various topics discussed, within the festival “Festambiente”, a lot of attention has been given to technological innovation related to the environment, the circular economy, the contrast of climate change and the reduction of CO2 emissions. In relation to this last topic, eProInn has given its contribution presenting its flagship project.

On 17th and 18th August, inside Legambiente Ecological House, Matteo Marino (eProInn Technical Manager) has illustrated the characteristics of the LIFE-SAVE project on the conversion of conventional cars into hybrid-solar vehicles. This project can give a significant contribution in terms of ecology, energy efficiency and awareness of all the mechanisms of protection and safeguard of our ecosystem.


festambiente eproinnThe topic has captured the attention and has aroused the curiosity of the numerous participants; in fact, at the end of each session of the project presentation, Matteo Marino has answered very interesting questions of experts in the field and ecology enthusiasts.

Davide Zinna (eProInn Communication Manager), during the two days, has collected many positive comments, evidencing a strong sensitivity for the “green” intent of the project.